Right now i got finished reading a text our teacher gave us. It was a short story by Roald Dahl, The Landlady.

Here is a short summary:

It was set around the time after the second world war. In Britian a young boy arrived a small town. His name was Billy Weaver. He had a job assignment, and was suposed to find a place to sleep. He got a recommandation from a local, and headed to the pub named The Bell and Dragon. While he is walking his way there he stumbles over something particular. In between cracked high buildings he spots a boarding house. He looks inside the windows and sees noone there, but the rooms look really cosy and comfortable.

Billy finds himself weirdly attracted to the comfy rooms and before he know it he rings the door bell. An old lady opens the door and is really nice to Billy. It takes some time before Billy starts noticing wierd things about the house and lady…

I really liked the story and found it very entaising. He really sat the setting and made a creppy story that made me chill.

This story was a very classic Novel, short timespan, few characters. When i first read it i found it a little confusing to understand. So i think for younger people it will be a hard read, because the writer dosent explain to much.

Overall another really good Roald Dahl story which always makes you think.

Part 2: Movie comparision

So now our assignment is to compare the 20 minute movie version to the book. The two lead up all the same, but the endings were quite different. So in the movie everything was shown. We did not get left behind having to think for ourself. This was really cool since they showed us scenes that were disturbing and creepy. It was an ecellent ending which for me made the movie a lot better. I still think about the creepy dolls she made out of her guests.