Hello peeps!

12037712_530549820440847_600328710_o 12047694_530549827107513_1451971402_n 12047368_530549840440845_646460324_n Today we went for a walk to Kolsåstoppen, this is a small mountain just outside the city. It was a really nice trip with great weather 🙂 It is really cool for us to live so close to nature. It was really relaxing to get outside and enjoy the wildlife of norway. Its really green and trees and plants everywhere.12041710_530549877107508_313060371_n

The purpose of this trip was to study the geological landscape of the Oslofield. One rock we were to study in particular was rhomb porphyry. This is a type of fiery stones only found in three places in the world. Oslo, east Africa and Antartica. Its a type of rock which consists of 50 layers of dried up lava which all have thier own shapes and color. We got to see it upclose as you can see in the picture and we learnt a lot from this trip.

I also added some pictures we took.