So we just watched a very exciting movie. The movie is named Spare Parts, which was about illegal immigrants in USA that came from Mexico. They high school students got together and made an underwater robot for a competition.

This movie spoaked about some very importants topics. The first one was about illegal immigrants. I think it is a real shame that so many people have to run from their own country, so that they can get better living standards. Right now the American president Barack Obama, is doing a good job seen from the democrats view. He wants to change the policy so that immigrants brought inn by their parents don’t get thrown out.

Another point was succeeding in academics. These kids show that you don’t need good personal economy. They show that hard work and teamwork can get so very far, it can even get you the farthest. The teamwork these kids showed was really impressive. They also worked with robotics which is really important if we want to evolve our community. Also they managed to use a very limited budget, 20 times cheaper than the other teams. This helps us build culture and also in this case shows that race doesnt matter.

Overall it was a really great movie which made me think about politics and how humans treat eachother

.La Vida Robot - Spare Parts