Ireland politics:

The republic of Ireland is a parliamentary democracy were the people chose their politicians and can in theory throw them out if they want to. The different Irish parties are very alike and currently four different parties sits in the Parliment. The biggest one is Fine Gael which had 36,1 % of the votes in 2011. Fine Gael is a right center party much like Fianna Fail who was the biggest party untill 2007. They stand for the Free world, but have in modern times been a strong rural force.

The Irish president or Your Excellency is Micheal D. Huggings and was voted for in 2011. In Ireland  the president is chosen every seven year and can only sit two times in a row. The president in Ireland serves as a big ceremonial purpose.

The Irish system works very well, and shows that Ireland is a country where they are very personal, and politics is a lot about rubbing elbows and attending to funerals and dinnerparties.

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Irish literature: 

The Irish literature comprises writings in the Irish, Latin and English languages on the island of Ireland. The English language was introduced to Ireland in the thirteenth century, following the Norman Conquest of Ireland. The Irish language, however, remained the dominant language of Irish literature down to the nineteenth century.

One of the most famous Irish writers who wrote in English and who were at the forefront of the modernist movement is named James Joyce, whose novel Ulysses is considered one of the most influential of the century. Other well known Irish writers from the twenty-first century include Colum McCann, Anne Enright, Robby Doyle, Sebastian Barry, Colm Toibin and John Banville, all of whom have all won major awards.


Ireland is divided in eight Regions.

The capital in Ireland is Dublin. In the Viking area, Norwegian Vikings settled here and Vikings therefore established Dublin. After a period of Norwegian and Danish rule, the British people gained more and more influence in the city. Dublin became the capital of Ireland after the country was divided in 1921. The population are speaking English and Gaelic.

The Irish people are known for their music, sense of humour, poetry, tales and myths. Shamrocks are typical Irish. The shamrocks are considered by the Irish to bring luck.

Londonderry is the second largest city in Northern Ireland; the city is often called Derry. There are 103 700 habitants in the large city (2006.)

The capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast. There are almost 300.000 habitants in the capital; witch makes it the largest city in Northern Ireland. In 1912 the titanic was built here and the city is a centre for industry, business and culture.