When we talk about how technology changes our lives, we have to look at how much time we spend on smartphones laptops and TV. I think it has had a positive effect on us. It gives us the opportunities to do things, we normally could not. For example when stuck in traffic or when waiting for the bus. We can now inform others while we are just sitting around doing nothing. Things have become a lot easier.

There are of course negative sides though. As these new innovations take up a lot of our time. Personally, I feel like I often cannot manage to relax a lot of the time. I feel like I am forced to be connected or I may miss out on something. This is a really big problem as it sometimes even makes stay up when I really should sleep.

It is especially useful inn school. Here we can learn a lot more because of easy access to useful sources.  I also like writing blogs, because I feel more connected to the world and love having more people than my teacher read my blog. It is really fun interacting with people from other countries that try to help me doing my assessments.

So as i said we mainly use them in English. In the other classes we only use them as books and writing tools. And in math it only works as the book. I honestly think the other teachers could find more useful ways to use techology in class. Most of us think it is really fun to do interactive things on the computer.

So I think we have to be careful with how we use the media and try to have some kind of limit on how much we use it.

Have a good day!