Hey! I haven’t written a blogpost in a while now but we have now gotten a new assignment. I am actually going to write two posts today! I am going to write a post about a short story first.

The short story is named “A’days wait”. This short story is about a little boy being sick, and suffering. He tries to be brave by hiding his pain. So the story really asks you a question. Is it brave to suffer alone or brave to open up to other people and speak about it?

I think it is shows that you are a independant person and can manage yourself. While on the other hand i think it is really important to get help from people that could help you in a major way. For example doctors or friends for moral and physical support.

It is very difficult to come to a concrete conclusion since you can argue for both, but my thoughts are that you should do a mix of both. You should have the abilty to both manage your own pains, but also talk about it so that you can find a good or better solution.

See you next time 🙂