So today we did something unusual. We had a visit from the Kahoot team from Oslo. They were here to film us while we were working. The reason they were filming was because they needed footage to show when presenting their program. So they came to us, because our teacher is awsome and have a lot of contacts. It was very fun for us to be a part of it.

So the visiting Kahoot team also asked us questions about what we thought of Kahoot. We told them we liked it very much because of its simplicity and fun moments. It creates a lot of enthusiasm when we can make the quiz ourself. That makes us teach a lot espacially when we create our own quizes. We then automaticly learn all of our own questions. Therefore I would recommend it to all classes to use when checking if you know the context of what we are learning about.

I will now explain a little about the process of making and having a kahoot.

First of you have to create the kahoot. The kahoot is a quiz where you can add as many as you want. The kahoot crew said that the best amount was around 10 questions. Thats the perfect spot between short and boring. In this lesson all of the groups made kahoots about Earnest Hemingway. Some choose to talk about his life, while some wrote about his writing style.

So you find your own questions and add them. You choose whats right and wrong and can add between 2-4 possible answers. Sometimes you can also make more than one right possible answer.

So after we made and inserted our questions we added some pictures. We had pictures of Hemingway doing different things and important happeings in his life. For example when he won his noble prize in literature. We also got a tip from one from he kahoot team to add a video related to the question. This worked really well and the video also made the audience laugh.

When did they laugh? When we held the quiz for them. We launched our quiz from the computer on the white board so everyone could see. When you host a kahoot a pin code will appear on the screen for everyone to see. They can use this to join on their laptops, tablets and smart phones. So when everyone have joined we start the quiz and the first question appears. On the white board all of the alternatives appears with one color and sign attatched to them. While on the participants devices only the colors and signs appear. So they have to look at the screen then down on their device to find the corresponding color with the right sign to choose. If they get right they get a green screen, while wrong a red screen.

This repeats untill of the questions are answered and the winners username will appear as the winner. The scoreboard makes it a lot more motivating to answar because you want everyone to see that you know the stuff. Another thing which makes kahoot great.

Here I will also add the link to our Kahoot:

We got to speak with the crew and they said that it had been made over 4 million quizes on Kahoot. That is really impressive and it seemed like they enjoyed wathing us using their program.

I didn’t get to know how many people that worked at kahoot, but their was like 5 people here so im guessing it has to be at least 20 people. I don’t think it is that many as for programs like these. Programs that explode in this way do not often have a lot of people in the start, but if it keeps growing it will porobably be a lot more people.

At the end of the day I am very happy about how we worked with Kahoot. We got to make our own quizes and played them in the end which is always the most fun part of it. I hope we can do more kahoots and get more visits as it is fun interacting with people that also only speechs English

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