The indigenous people of Australia, the aboriginals are a people with a long history. In short, according to scientists they came to Australia for 45 000 years ago. They have lived spread across Australia, but mostly by the coast. They moved around permenant settlements to which season of the year.

On the 18th century, when they got invaded by the British they got a lot of problems. The british took their land and destroyed their people. The British meant that they could legaly take the land and said that noone owned the land before them. Most of the land that was taken still has to be returned today, but this have had a huge impact on the social and physical for the Aboriginals. The Britsh also killed and brought diseases that killed thousands. In a period of a houndred years, the Aboriginal population had gone from around 1 million down to around 60000.

The Aboriginals that lives in Australia today still face racism and depression. They now have laws that protect them and a lot of british and austrian people are ashamed of what they did. In 2011 there were 600 000 people Aboriginals in Australia which only stand for 2.7% of the population.

Now i will talk about a short story we listened to in class. Its about the aboriginal people of Australia.

The Rainbow serpent

The rainbow serpent was about a big rainbowcolored serpent. It lived all by itself so it wanted to travel to find it’s people. The land was bland and dry. With no animals or no landscapes. It travelled long before it found a people. The serpent watched how they danced and teached them how to dance the proper way. He got to live with them for a while.

Then a big storm came, and all of the people needed to make themself shelter. The big serpent also made himself a shelter. There were only two boys that didn’t have a place to hide from the storm. They asked everyone in the clan but noone had any space left. So after asking the big serpent twice he said: You can walk into my mouth i will keep you safe. They walked in and he swallowed them whole.

The serpent began to think that the people might understand that he had swallowed them so the rainbow serpent escaped. When the people figured it out they chased after him. The big serpent had hid on a huge huge mountain. A mountain that went over the skies. The people tried to climb it, but in the end only two boys managed to get up. They climbed for days and nights before they found the serpent sleeping.

The two boys cut his stomach open and found the two missing boys. They had changed into wonderful rainbow birds and flew away as soon as they could. The two other boys climbed down again before the serpent woke up.

When the rainbow serpent woke up it felt something was wrong. It saw it’s stomach open and became furious. It torn down the whole mountain and threw it all over Australia. The bits of the mountain is what formed the landscape we have today. All of the people fled and while they were fleeing some turned into animals and insects of all kinds. The serpent escaped into the lake after it had destroyed the mountain.

For me this seemed more like a childs story, it was full of fantasy which I really enjoyed even though it was a little hard to follow in the start. I found it a lot more interesting to read about the true history of the people than this seemingly made up story. While on the other hand the story gave me a little more insight on what kind of people the Aboriginals were.

As of their situation today, I really hope they can all get jobs and get worked into the sociaty. Its a shame that almost all indigenous people have to face the same fate as the Aboriginals.1981_event_Australian_aboriginals