Today i will answar some questions to the movie; the rabbit proof fence.


Did the “biological absorption” program treat the half-caste children with respect? Explain the reasons supporting your answer

My answar is simple, no. Taking children away from their parents is really bad. It is really disrespectful to do something like that to small children. As we saw in the movie they were brutaly taken away from their parents. It’s really horrible to see how little people cared about the feelings of the people.

They also break other human violations. They don’t let the children speak their own launguage. They can’t belive in their own “religion” aswell. They try to brainwash them like they are some kind of social experiment.

We can see that once again history repeats itself and indigineous people are treated bad.

  1. Your reflections on the topic, what did you know before you saw the movie and read the background, and what did you learn today

Before i watched the movie i knew a decent amount of stuff about the aboriginals. We worked with the same stuff a lot in tenth grade. Therefore I felt I knew a lot about the topic. I think that indigenous people is a interesting topic overall.

While I think it’s bad what the British did when they came, i also see some use in it. If the aboriginals ever wanted to advance their way of living they would have to learn to live as the western world. I think they would that eventualy anyways if they saw all the luxaries we had. So the British quickend the evoulution. They teached the children how to live in a modern house and keep it clean. This was necassary abilities if they ever wanted to be a part of the modern society.

So after hearing O Neills thoughts I actually felt that it was a sense of trueness in it.


Do you think the girls could have really walked all that way?

I definatly think they could have walked all that way. The only other alternative was to turn themself over to the Moore River department. It was stated that the girls had walked 2 400 km over a period of 9 months. They had little food and had to ask from strangers. Some strangers were nice and some betrayed them for a bounty.

They had a lot of reasons to keep fighting and walking. They were only kids, but their strong connection with their mama made them keep going. Them being only kids may also have helped them. Since they didn’t really know how long it was they couldnt be dissapointed by it. As they faced a lot of dangers and were close to capture and death at times they never gave up.

Stories like this are really amazing and inspiring. I was motivated to try and do my best all the time. As my father always says: Do you best, you won’t be happy with less, and no one can expect more.