After a long Christmas break, we had English again. So today our assignment was to continue making our video. Our video was a commercial for how we use technology in class. Where our idea was to show how a student that was used to reading books. We were at the media department where we were allowed to loan a lot of nice equipment.  In our group of 12, we assigned different jobs and split up so we could work more efficient.

I was assigned to film with the big expensive digital camera. It was really big and professional so we needed another person to hold the microphone. I had never used such a professional camera before, so the “camera crew” and I had to experiment a lot before we made it work. Filming with the big camera was fun as I felt a lot of responsibility. It was also difficult because after a while it got real heavy in my hand. After we were done shooting, I felt I did a good job and the video didn’t turn out so bad either.

This is another example of us using technology to learn. It was more practical than usual which was fun. We also got to work together towards something great. Cooperating like this is very nice. We can all choose between jobs, which gives everyone something they want to do. Some wrote the script, some acted, some edited the video and some filmed. The groups were maybe a little too big, because not everyone had something to do all the time. All in all, very fun to work with the camera and cooperate with so many. I will see you next time blog.