I was to choose between to books this lesson. I was to do research on the two authors and the books and choose based on my own opinion.

So ill give it to you. I chose “The absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian”. A really long title, but interesting none the less. I watched interviews with the authors and Sherman Alexie seemed really funny. I love books with a good sense of humor and it seemed like he had it. The book has also won the National book award which I use as proof of it being a good book. Prices always make me more comfortable when choosing a book. I learned that the book was similar to the Wimpy-kid books, that I have read before and loved. Only that in this book the person is a stereotypical Indian.

I read the first chapter and I really loved it. It seemed a lot like a wimpy kid. Where the main character got bullied and had a really harsh childhood. The thing I liked the most was that the author used a lot of humor. Good humor. Really good humor. The exact kind of humor I really enjoy, where I found myself laughing from the first page. I am so happy I choose this book. I look forward to reading more and see if it is as funny through the whole book. Looks really good currently 😀