1. Here are all the candidates for this year’s president election in the USA:

Hilary Clinton, Burnie Sanders, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich.

2. According to the quiz I part 97% with Hilary Clinton and 87% with Burnie Sanders.

3. A popular issue is if America should accept Syrian refugees. According to a page called isidewith, with over 6 million votes its almost even. 52% want to accept it while 48% won’t. We see a big difference between the two parties, most of the republicans are against while most of the democrats say yes. If we look state wise it’s almost 50/50 in all the big states with “yes” having a small edge.

4. I think that Donald Trump’s statements about violence are a real threat to how the election will go. Trump is almost raising and making his voters and fans believe protesters should have consequences. I strongly disagree because this depresses their right to free speech. People get afraid and it also makes it more dangerous to walk outside at these rallies.

Could Donald Trump have been a candidate in Europe?

I don’t think he could, mainly because the countries in Europe are more like democrats. Another point which I will probably mention more times are his behavior. The way he talks and insults would be unacceptable in a country like Norway or France. I think his image would have been really bad. While on the other hand he has a way of speaking to mobs that make them really enthusiastic. I wouldn’t be surprised if other candidates would try to copy his method of speaking.

Write 3 sentences on why you could/could not vote for Donald Trump

I couldn’t vote for Trump since I strongly disagree with his immigration politics. I think it’s really important that countries work together so we can obtain world peace. I don’t think world peace is very important to Trump which is one of the most important things in politics according to myself.

5. Choose 2 republicans and 2 democrats to follow on Twitter and share some of their best tweets about the election, explain your choices.

I followed Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Burnie Sanders and Hilary Clinton. I choose these four basically because they are the most likely candidates to win. (except Cruz maybe)

Donald Trump:

Please remember, I am the ONLY candidate who is self-funding his campaign. Kasich, Rubio and Cruz are all bought and paid for by lobbyists!

This is a fact tweeted out by Trump, remind us that he is free to do as he will because he self-funding. This makes him seem like a candidate that is willing to say and do as he wants. This is one of the reasons a lot of republicans like him.

Hilary Clinton:

Our next president has to bring our country together. We should be breaking down barriers, not building walls.

Here Hilary uses a metaphor towards Trump, showing knowledge and that she is going to be a greater president.

6. What are the images for the democratic and republican party? Explain their significance

The image is a donkey and an elephant. Both of them is based on old cartoons which took the people by storm and was made official after a while. It didn’t take much before it became the symbol. Democrats today say the donkey is smart and brave while Republicans say the elephant is strong and dignified.

7.How many delegates do the candidates need?

The democratic candidates need 2382 while the Republican candidates need 1237.

8. I read The Baltimore Sun and The Washington Post. I choose those papers because they were the ones to pop up first and also I saw the big headlines including names like Clinton and Trump.

Both of the papers portrayed them pretty equally. They portrayed them in a polite way, and it was mostly a report on how the 15 of March had gone. It had gone well for both leading candidates and they talked about how it looked worse for the other candidates.

9. I would definitely vote for Clinton. I agree with her on a lot of topics. In addition, I think she seems polite and a more likely figure than the other candidates. She seems like a down to earth person, responsible and smart. I also hope she wins because I really don’t want Trump to become president.