We saw “about a boy”. This movie was based on a book with the same title. The book was written by Nick Hornby.

The book is about Will, a man in his thirties is a rich man looking searching for available women. He invents an imaginary son and attends single parents meetings. As a result of this, he meets Marcus. Marcus is a weird 12-year-old boy. As they get to know each other Will teaches Marcus to be cool and Marcus teaches Will to grow up.

My thoughts:

I think this was an okay movie. From the students, that had read the book it sounded like it was a disappointment compared to the book. I really liked Will’s character. He was very funny and used a lot of humor in his conversations.

I also think the relationships between Marcus and his mother was interesting. Marcus was a very smart boy who was very good at making grownups around him act like adults.

Overall i thought it was a 6/10, because I didn’t like the very cliche ending. About a boy