Today we watched commencement speeches from famous people.

First, we saw Ellen Lee DeGeneres speech. She talked about how she had had very tough times in her life. She said that success was not how much money you earned, but about happiness. She also talked about following our passions.

After that we watched J.K.Rowling. She talked about how we can learn a lot from our failures. She had a good point that I learned from.

Then Steven Spielberg talked about how he made movies reflecting his own life. He said that we are the future. He had a lot of quotes that made me smarter. He also talked a lot about everyone having their own character-defining moments.

And here is some advice from myself to Sandvika’s next year students. I think taking responsibility for your own learning is the most important lesson I have learnt this year. To be able to know to concentrate and not be distracted by medias. Also using technology in school has been really fun.